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    I'm Yona Marie (A.K.A Rachel Marie), a music artist from the Washington, DC area. Sign Up as a fan to stream and download my songs for free! I currently work as a studio singer, producer, and songwriter for musicians, artists, and businesses in need of some creative expertise. Contact Me if you are a potential client looking for help with your upcoming project!

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    Thursday February 22 2024, 10:00 PM
    Black Female Singers Of The 90s The 1990s saw an incredible array of talent, especially among black female singers who made significant contributions to genres like soul, R&B, and pop. As an early 90s baby, I have a special place in...
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    Wednesday February 21 2024, 5:30 PM
    How Long Do Headphones Last? Your headphones' lifespan can vary widely depending on their type, quality, brand, and how well they are cared for. On average, headphones can last anywhere from 3 to 5 years with moderate use and proper care....
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    Tuesday February 20 2024, 3:15 PM
    How To Growl Sing  Singing with a bit of growl in your tone comes with a bit of practice for most; it won't sound great the first few times you try it. Trust me, I've been through the process before, and I started out sounding like a weird...
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    Saturday February 17 2024, 9:45 PM
    The Meaning Of "Iris" By The Goo Goo Dolls  "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls, released in 1998 as part of the soundtrack for the film "City of Angels" is one of the band's most famous and timeless hits. Written by the band's lead vocalist and...
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    Thursday February 15 2024, 6:00 PM
    Tour Percentage Split Estimates Touring and live shows have long been praised as one of the most lucrative and vital revenue streams for artists. The thing is, the financial breakdown of touring can get complex, with factors such as the...
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